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Fact: Only 1 Out of Every 5 Businesses Listed Gets Sold (industry average)

Choosing me as your business broker means you’re not settling for the industry average. With me, your likelihood of selling increases by 300%. This stark difference isn’t just about beating odds—it’s about a commitment to exceptional service, understanding your unique business needs, and employing a strategic approach tailored to sell your business successfully.

I am Steven Ung. In my 8 years as a business broker, I’ve shattered the industry standard, making the process of selling businesses not just a possibility but a probability.

My background as a business owner across various industries has equipped me with the insight and empathy necessary to understand and address the challenges and ambitions of business owners seeking to sell. 

This blend of personal and professional experience underpins my approach, ensuring that my clients benefit from a service that significantly increases their chances of a successful sale, far beyond the industry average.

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